S Endorsement -Trainer the Trainers


Northern Alberta- Christine Van Neck

Christine has been involved in student transportation for many years. She began driving for Briggs Bus Lines when her children were young and later spent over a decade with Elk Island Public Schools in various roles.  In 2021 Christine moved to Edson to take on a new role as the Director of Transportation for GYPSD. Christine is passionate about school bus safety and enjoys sharing her knowledge with new driver trainers across northern Alberta. When she is not thinking about busing, Christine can be found playing with her dog Grizzly, relaxing around a campfire, or doing puzzles.

 Southern Alberta- Kelly Frere

As a seasoned professional in the transportation industry. With a career spanning over two
decades, Kelly has served as both a dedicated school bus driver and a passionate
instructor, committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of students entrusted into her
Kelly’s journey began behind the wheel of a school bus in 2000, where she honed her skills in
navigating diverse routes and managing the unique challenges of transporting precious
cargo. Since 2019, Kelly has embraced the role as the S Endorsement Train the Trainer for
central/southern Alberta, enriching her portfolio of expertise in the school
transportation sector. Kelly’s work has been dedicated to ensuring that trainers are equipped with the knowledge,
skills, and tools they need to effectively prepare the next generation of school bus
drivers. Looking ahead, Kelly remains dedicated to the mission of elevating the standards of school
bus transportation through education, advocacy, and leadership. Driven by a passion for
safety and a commitment to excellence, Kelly is dedicated to making a positive impact in
the lives of students, drivers, and communities alike. Whether behind the wheel or in the
classroom, Kelly approaches each day with enthusiasm and dedication, knowing that the work
we do today shapes the future for generations to come.