The first Monday in May is School Bus Driver Appreciation Day!

The CPTC occurs bi-annually and includes transportation supervisors & owners from all across Canada!

ASTAC runs a Train the Trainer program for the S Endorsement Course in Alberta!

ASTAC runs a School Bus Poster Contest for grades K - 6 each year!




 Chair:  Scott Hucal 

Secretary:  Sue Timmermans 

Yvonne Cumbleton, ASBCA 

Harry Davis, STAA 

Doug DeHoop, Supplier Representative 

Susan Fowler, Supplier Representative

Paul Gabbey, Supplier Representative 

Shaun Greenaway, Trade Show 

Murray Glass, ASBCA 

Brian Hauptman, ASBCA  

Tom Hrehorets, ASBCA

Lana Killips, STAA   

Lynne Lambert, STAA 

Craig Loose, ASBCA   

Shevon Medicraft, STAA 

Joe Russo, Raffle Guy  

Patty Thompson, STAA 

Lisa Weder, STAA